About ME

A young Adult trying to give something back to the analog film community.

My name is Felix Kessler. I am 24 years old and started my journey with film photography when I was 15 years old. Like many others, I enjoy the slow and different approach of analog photography. With analog cameras, I can concentrate more on the framing, composition, exposure settings and the process itself, without having to worry about the image I just took.

Coming from an IT backround and having the perfection of the digital age arround me every day, I was bummed out when I scanned my carefully developed film and was “only” getting OK results. I was searching for the solution and noticed that when I scanned my negatives in a film lab, they came out fine. My problem with modern film labs were the high prices for high quality scans. I was also not able to edit the pictures afterwards because the files were converted to the “JPG” file format. Thats why I decided to save money for two professional film scanners which I can use to scan my own film, as well as film for other people looking for a second option in the world of film scanning.

I think film can be a lot more than what people think of it in the age of fast-paced photography. Thats why I am trying to offer a service that extracts the full potential out of this beautiful art form.

Thank you !

If you want to support me and my business apart from scanning through me, you can donate through PayPal. Please don’t feel obliged to donate.